Thank you for your interest in RESTORE. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new enrollments for RESTORE at this time.

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RESTORE is specifically designed to help you overcome stressors experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic

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What is RESTORE?

RESTORE is an online intervention created to help you recover from the effects of extreme stressors related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The intervention has been designed to help you to restore from the pandemic by working through a series of self-directed modules.


Who is it for?

RESTORE was developed for healthcare workers, first responders, other essential service workers, individuals recovered from COVID-19, and loved ones of those who had COVID-19 who are experiencing stress responses such as anxiety, low mood, irritability, or bothersome memories, thoughts or feelings about what happened.


How does it work?

RESTORE is based on cognitive behavioral therapies for posttraumatic stress, anxiety, and depression that have been shown to work in research studies. However, RESTORE is not a therapy but rather a self-directed intervention. You will be assigned your own intervention “guide” who will help you to apply the RESTORE skills to your own experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that your guide is not a therapist but has been trained to help you navigate through the intervention platform and exercises.

Our Team


Kathryn Trottier, PhD, CPsych

RESTORE Primary Developer

Dr. Kathryn Trottier is a Clinical Psychologist at University Health Network, and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Her work focuses on recovery from traumatic stress.

Kathryn hopes RESTORE will give those who have had extremely stressful experiences related to the pandemic, the tools they need to recover and restore their health and wellbeing.


Candice Monson, PhD, CPsych

RESTORE Co-developer

Dr. Candice Monson is a Clinical Psychologist, and Professor of Psychology at Ryerson University. She is one of the world’s foremost experts on recovery from traumatic stress.


Anne Wagner, PhD, CPsych

Guidance Lead

Dr. Wagner is a Clinical Psychologist and the Founder of Remedy, a centre for mental health innovation. Anne's work focuses on trauma recovery, social interactions, and relational healing. She works extensively in helping guide and train mental health providers.

Who Are We?

RESTORE was developed by Dr. Kathryn Trottier from University Health Network & the University of Toronto, and Dr. Candice Monson from the IMPACT Lab at Ryerson University. Drs. Trottier and Monson are clinical psychologists and experts in cognitive behavioral therapies for stressor-related symptoms. The RESTORE team is made up of clinical psychologists, psychology students, and technology experts. We created this program to respond to the immense need to help those exposed to extremely stressful situations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. RESTORE aims to provide high-quality care that also overcomes many of the barriers to getting help.

Thank you for your interest in RESTORE. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting new enrollments for RESTORE at this time.